President’s Message

“A Sisterhood of Grace”

Welcome to the North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women celebration of 150 Years in Mission. The North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women’s is an outgrowth of a missionary movement of women which started in 1878 in North Georgia. In 2019, we celebrated the legacy and the Sisterhood of Grace.

The year began with the North Georgia Conference hosting the United Methodist Women National Organization’s 10th Annual Human Trafficking Event.  “Running Out the Clock on Human Trafficking”, was the theme for the two-day event held on January 25-26, at Hoosier Memorial United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA. The 200- 250 attendees included members and supporters from churches around the conference, representatives from the South Georgia Conference United Methodist Women and National Staff Executives.  Participants left with the challenge to be a human trafficking interrupter – “See Something- Say Something- Do Something”.   

During the first week of April, 22 North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women members went on a Mission Trip to the Red Bird Missionary Conference in Kentucky. The group was blessed to be in service with the residents of Red Bird Missionary Conference and to enjoy the sisterhood of being in service with each other.

The bi-annual Spiritual Growth/Social Action Event held May 3-4 at the Rock Eagle 4H Camp, Eatonton, GA provided an opportunity to celebrate the legacy in conjunction with spiritual development and the mission emphasis, School to Prison Pipeline. The 160 participants left the event encouraged to be interrupters of another social injustices issue – Mass Incarceration.

The United Methodist Women’s Annual Conference Breakfast was a time of Celebrating 150 years in Mission with highlights of local units and district celebrations on March 23, through table display pictures and a United Methodist Women member, Tonya Murphy, sharing her General Conference experience.

The Mission u Event was held July 26 -27 at the Fayetteville First UMC, Fayetteville, GA. There were almost 200 persons in attendance including children, youth and adults and the studies were led by a team of excellent instructors. The plenary session and one of the studies focused on the 150 years in Mission.

I hope you had the opportunity to participate in one of the Conference events or your district or local unit event to celebrate the United Methodist Women 150 Years in Mission. Thank you for your support and enjoy the celebration today.

Blessings – Tryphenia